Monitoring & Maintenance Services

Our Maintenance and Monitoring can be implemented in a business or residential setting.

Here’s how it works…

We agree upon a set amount of on-site and remote support hours for you to use during the contract period. Contracts can be signed on a Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly basis.

For businesses, we can contracted to manage and maintain your computer network so that you can focus on getting YOUR work done. we’ll be your on-call IT department.

We also provide support and monitoring for residential and business Audio Video Systems. Our technicians are here to keep you A/V system running at its peak performance.


Additionally – Managed IT and Audio Video Maintenance can be combined on a single contract or separated.

:::Managed IT Services:::

• Mac OS X
• OS X Server
• Google Apps (G-Suite) for Business
• System recommendations
• System setup (data migration, corporate email services, security lockdown, etc.)
• Networking/Wi-fi, Airport
• Data security, email security
• Backup solutions (Time Machine, Time Capsule, CrashPlan, etc.)
• Virus & Malware Removal & Software Installations
• Data Recovery
• database development
• Mobile device management
• Networking equipment setup
• Wi-fi, Apple Airport (Apple’s Wifi products)
• Monitor network connectivity
• Remote System Monitoring
• Remote Firmware & Software Updates
• Email & Smart Phone Alerts

Many More...

:::Audio Video Maintenance:::

• Audio system calibrated for correct EQ and balance;
• Adjustments made, as necessary, for maximum audio performance and stability
• Color, brightness and contrast adjusted
• Tweak Control System Programming
• Add new equipment to the system
• software/Firmware updates
• Performance test
• Quarterly maintenance visits
• Remote Monitoring
• Replacement Interconnects
• Discounted Equipment replacements
• Remote System Monitoring
• Remote Firmware & Software Updates
• Email & Smart Phone Alerts